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Today we went out wandering and ended up at one of our local branch libraries. We borrowed some CDs, a book of children’s songs, and a bilingual version of the Japanese constitution with historical commentary.
I’m already enjoying the constitution. I am a big fan of the US constitution; I enjoyed studying it when I was in school. If I had taken up law, it would have been constitutional law. I ought not have overlooked the Japanese constitution for so long. It is an equally interesting document. I find myself already thinking “Really? That’s not how things seem to work, at least not what I understand from current events” about quite a few points. Perhaps it will all come clear when I get to the Amendments.
The other book is a bit of a lark. Children’s songs are a different sort of window into culture and I want to know some of the ones that every Japanese kid knows. Now I have a book of 600 of them. I need some help to narrow the field. Aside from Zousan, which I already sing to the elephants at the zoo sometimes, what song(s) do you think I ought to learn? Tod likes Oppai ga Ippai., Boobs are Full, which is more innocent than it seems, I think…