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Yesterday, Rob asked me how many videos I was working on. I was a little bit surprised to answer nine. Eight of them have to be shown to the client on Friday. One was completed yesterday. I completed a tenth one the day before yesterday, and the numbers add up the further back I go.
Here is a description of the projects I am currently working on:

  • 1 awards ceremony video featuring footage of the award winner
  • 4 photo montages set to music – the other award winners at the ceremony above
  • 1 high-energy, yet inspiring and aspirational, sports-themed video to open a conference
  • 1 consumer style video to define a target market for summer sales
  • 1 product launch video to be shown in supermarkets

The one I finished yesterday was subtitling some Japanese news clips; the day before I completed a converting a 7 minute video to English using reworked telops and a new script and narrators.
Work is fun but frantic. Most of these videos are for a conference on the 18th; I hope things will slow down after that.