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I wrote a poem using two-word phrases collected from the subject lines of spam I’ve received recently. They were so inventive, it seemed a pity to just throw them away. I’ve combined 28 of them into something that makes about as much sense and the spam they came in.
Better Life, Olive Crown
Olive Crown, yarn stretcher and wool-oiler, whips winter-hardened thread
(Yellow fleece, Wedgewood blue, winter teal) through her narrow-necked warp.
She is wind-worn but never withering at her loom.
Needlepoint lace, wire stranding through and through and through.
Her non-universalist, world-portioning weave oar-feathers the future.
Olive Crown does not want wicked speaking.
October bird whistles a single passing note into her parcel-popish neat house
Parrot mouths a one-seeded message, wonder-mocking the well-alleged tale.
World-strange patterns reveal the mock-beggar of truth.