99 luftCDs

cd-box.jpgThe cookbooks weren’t the only precious things in the box we shipped. We’ve reunited our CD collection.
We unearthed the last 99 CDs (give or take a dozen) while visiting the US in February. These were the CDs I had with me in Pittsburgh before we moved to Singapore in 1998. Tod shipped his CDs from Chicago, but I preferred to have my computer for my allotted weight.
As Tod unpacked and presented the long-lost music, we both exclaimed our surprise. We haven’t seen these things in over five years. Some we thought we had with us. Others we’d both forgotten about completely.
“Oh, yeah, I missed that one. How did we go so long without hearing it?”
“Hey what’s this? Did you buy this one?”
“Do we have two copies of that?”
cds-tod.jpgSurprisingly, there are only three CDs that we have duplicates of: G.Love & Special Sauce, Red Hot + Rio, and Squirrel Nut Zippers’ Hot!. Free to a good home, just ask.
Here, Tod’s examining stack of CDs that includes Holst’s The Planets and Sting’s Nothing Like the Sun. Our tastes are eccletic. We range from rap to chanting monks, from blues to punk. I like female vocalists; Tod likes jazz; we both like electronica and hip-hop. Most anyone who comes for dinner can find something they like to listen to. And even more so now.
We were up til 2 am, listening and singing along to old favorites (gomen to the neighbors!) and shelving them in alphabetical order. Our collection numbers about 500. Sort of old-fashioned in these days of MP3s, isn’t it?

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