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Five Meditations for introspection and relaxation


Ideal for yoga teachers looking for meditation scripts for community yoga classes, and also appropriate reading for personal practitioners. These are five read-aloud favorites from my Satoyama Yoga classes. You can use them as-is or as a basis of improvisation in your sessions.

1. Metta Meditation focuses on feeling loving kindness to self and others.
2. Mindfulness Meditation is a lesson in managing distractions while meditating.
3. Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation with visualisation.
4. Candle Meditation requires a candle for gazing.
5. Silent Meditation offers several ways to introduce a silent meditation session.

In addition, you will find four different versions of Body Scan relaxation techniques within the scripts, which can be used as a relaxing or grounding activity in any yoga practice.

10 page printable PDF

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